7 tips to improve your IELTS writing

  • When writing an introduction for Task 1 and Task 2, paraphrase the information in the question. Students with a Band 7 or Band 8 can present the same information using different vocabulary.
  • Always provide specific support. In Task 1, support with numbers. In Task 2, explain your ideas with reasons, results and examples.
  • Link your ideas together. Use a range of different linking words to structure your text (i.e. Firstly, whereas). Make sure you know the spelling and the correct position within the sentence. The IELTS examiner will look for evidence of coherence and cohesion.
  • With Task 2, take a few minutes to make a plan by noting down some ideas and considering the best order to present them in the essay. The examiner will look at how you develop the argument over the essay, so make sure you are clear what direction you will take before you start writing.
  • With Task 1, take some time to look at the diagram and identify the most important information. Low-band learners often try to describe everything they say whereas high-band learners select important features and summarise.
  • Practise writing fluently, without stopping to correct errors. Correct errors at the end, if you have extra time. Stopping to check too frequently means you will forget what you wanted to say, and you may not complete the task and lose marks.
  • Divide your texts into clear paragraphs and remember to use punctuation appropriately.
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