What Steve Jobs taught us about making presentations

1 “This is a day I’ve been looking forward to for 2 and a half years….” Relax and enjoy it. Be happy to be there and say that you are. No jokes about things going badly.

2 “Every once in a while…a revolutionary product comes along…that changes everything.” Take your time. You don’t need to finish a sentence in one breath. Even if you don’t need time to think, your audience will.

3 Keep your visuals simple. Pictures and words are much better than words alone. Remembering the ‘rule of six’ (maximum of six lines per slide, six words per line) can be helpful here.

4 “A wide-screen iPod with touch controls…a wide screen iPod with touch controls… ” repeat yourself – if it’s important, say it more than once and give people a chance to remember it.

5 “Sort of like the baby internet…not so smart” Speak in simple language wherever possible. Do not assume that people have your vocabulary or understand the concepts that you consider simple. Many people will tell you they understand when they don’t. If your audience had your knowledge, you wouldn’t be doing the presentation.

6  “Well…so” Signalling language will keep people attentive and orientated

7 “Are you getting it?” Be interactive. Ask questions (even if you are going to answer them yourself) – it will get people’s attention

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