The top 5 reasons for attending an International Foundation Programme

1.  It bridges the differences of education systems. Qualifications vary in each country and not all of them are in line with the entry requirements of the British universities.

2. Provides a transition from a national secondary school to a British university. It helps students understand higher education’s standard and the requirements properly. Furthermore, students can familiarise with various academic skills, such as: writing essays, taking note and giving presentations.

3. It devotes a full module to improve the students’ English level. International students need to have an IELTS score 5.5 + (some universities require IELTS 7.0). Obviously, not many secondary school leavers can achieve these scores. During the International Foundation Year, students’ IELTS score can improve by developing techniques for all the sections of the exam.

4. Acquire learning techniques. That is what most international students need to improve. The objective is to help students think in the British way (critical thinking, individual learning and participating in research and projects).

5. Students would be clearer of their future learning directions and job prospects afterwards.  Every student has a different idea about what profession and carrier to choose, but the Foundation Programme can give them a more realistic approach towards their dreams. Moreover, our Admission Advisor can help you make the right choice of course, university and help you through the application process.

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